Empowering human motion in cyberspace

Empowering human motion in cyberspace

Data Gloves

Mimetik is a pioneer in creating high-tech data glove solutions for Metaverse. We designed first in the world industrial quality data gloves for 24/7 use with durability and hygiene in mind.

We empower humans with digital services creating a seamless link by means of data gloves. Proprietary AI classifies conscious and subconscious motion patterns to provide a person with the best matching content relevant to their needs. 

By using gloves, as compared to camera based systems, we achieve zero occlusion, high data privacy, and low deployment cost on the customer side. The AI enables 98% tracking accuracy, quick deployment and scaling.


Our Vision

We empower human motion in cyberspace through an in-depth analysis of hand movements and interfacing them to machines. With our Mimetik glove, you can collect and visualize data and stream it to any program, robot, or system that you want to control by a hand movement.

Mimetik is a pioneer in creating high-tech smart-glove solutions for industrial applications and beyond. Founded as a spin-off from TU Dresden & integrated into the CeTI research cluster of excellence of Technische Universität Dresden, Mimetik has advanced the development of digitally identifying, tracking & documenting hand movements without the need for cameras. The sensor-based Mimetik glove captures movement data. Through our smart algorithms we can identify specific movements and will be able to teach best movement patterns to new users. We are convinced that the integration of digital hand movements is the gateway technology to the Metaverse implementation.

Our Industrial Solutions

Manual labour remains an integral part of industrial work processes. It is estimated that around 70% of manufacturing tasks cannot be automated, due to their complexity or cost. In the era of digitization, we place the worker in the centre and develop human digital twins. Through our AI powered gloves, the workers are connected and smoothly integrated into the smart factory boosting the productivity and ensuring worker’s well being. We developed first in the world industrial quality data gloves as a sensor of human activity. In comparison to cameras, the data gloves have 100% coverage of the shop floor at low deployment cost.


Our Mimetik digital trainer makes side-by-side training outdated. Mimetik gloves eval­uate the progress and stimulate learning by heart through the development of muscle memory. The training of assembly line wor­kers becomes more cost-efficient and faster. Even quickly changing learning contents can be digitized and updated with low effort.


Mimetik gloves automate efficiency mea­surements typically done by means of man­ual measurements. Integrating the gloves right into the production line ensures objec­tivity through an automated process ana­lysis. An ease of data collection enables developing long-term statistics, hence data-driven decision making. Mimetik reduces the production cycle time beyond what is achievable nowadays.


Mimetik automates the tracking and repor­ting processes of all quality assurance steps. Our data gloves recognize the assembly progress and automatically complete a digi­tal checklist. Real-time feedback supports the workers in preventing human related errors and assembly work reports become less subjective.


Mimetik cares for the workers’ health and safety. The body posture, the weight of car­ried objects and the walking distance are the main metrics to assess physical workloads. Our proprietary algorithm analyses the cap­tured data to evaluate the effect on the workers’ well-being. Minimalistic and robust equipment allows for an in-production ergo­nomics assessment.

Mimetik Efficiency Glove

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Developers Kit

The Mimetik Developers Kit includes a pair of data gloves and software to interpret motion and connect the gloves with your applications.

Mimetik data gloves are designed with a mind to give detailed movement data at a very basic level. The raw data from the movement sensors (IMUs) can be visualised through the graphical interface Live. The integrated IMUs have 9-DOF that speaks for a 3D vector of an acceleration, a gyroscope, and a magnetic field.

Besides the raw data, the sensor fusion is applied to obtain an orientation in space. We also implemented a tool for evaluation of a relative orientation (quaternion algebra). The results of the calculation can be visualised live as a rotated 3D vector. Eventually, the research interface allows saving hand motion traces to a file and streaming the data from the gloves to an application of your choice.
Mimetik data gloves can be seamlessly integrated in your applications using a C++ interface. The provided code example and the library can be compiled with your C++ project. In this way, Mimetik gloves can be used with the lowest latency. You also get full access to raw sensor data (3D vector of an acceleration, a gyroscope, and a magnetic field) and a measurement time stamp.

By using the C++ interface, the gloves can be automatically connected requiring zero setup. The connection configuration is set up once and can be reused every time you run the application.
Mimetik data gloves are compatible with the Unity environment and absorb all the related power. The gloves can be used to obtain an occlusion-free hand pose estimation to supply you with ground truth information in a multi-camera system. Mimetik implements alignment of Inertia Measurement Units (IMUs) to the anatomic hand model that contains all joints and bones as a human hand. We also implement proprietary inverse kinematics for the most natural translation of IMU data into hand movements.

In a combination with a Steam compatible VR tracker, Mimetik gloves can be fully integrated into VR applications. The VR tracker is used to derive a 3D position while the gloves are used to derive the hand pose.
A smart interaction between a human and robots often requires a semi-autonomous mode for the robot. Basically, a robot gets an intelligence to autonomously execute simple jobs. With such functionality, a human role is to instruct the robot which job to execute. This setup eases the robot control in comparison to the traditional one-to-one copying of the human hand motion for example when controlled by a joystick or a keyboard. A prominent application of such a system is in remotely controlled robotics where one-to-one copying of the hand motion leads to tremendous delays due to the limit of the speed of light.

Mimetik data glove is proven to be successfully used together with Boston Dynamics robotic dog Spot and KUKA iiwa human collaborative robot.
Mimetik gloves offer a new experience of gaming by replacing the common input devices with a direct hand control. Surely, the best suitable games for hand control are those where a gamer has an avatar, such as Super Mario Odyssey and Star Wars Squadron to name a few.

The hand movements are recognized live and translated to the common control events simulating a keyboard, a mouse, and a joystick. We developed a code-free interface allowing you to play your favourite games with Mimetik gloves completely without programming.

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Tech Specs

High precision, low latency hand motion tracking combined with break-through design allowing for everyday use of data gloves.


6 x 9-DOF IMUs per glove

Rechargeable Battery

10+ hours battery life span

LED Feedback

LEDs on the fingertips for light indication of movement

Tracking Precision

0.5º Orientation accuracy
0.35 m/s² Acceleration accuracy


802.11n/ac standard

Sampling Frequency

100 Hz orientation update frequency

Hygiene Concept

Separable design with washable underlying glove

Glove Design

Robust against mechanical stress
Free finger motion

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About Us

We are a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs and engineers carrying innovation into each cell of our product. An advisory board of professors from Centre of Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop at Technische Universität Dresden is shaping our product along with a cutting edge of research. ​At Mimetik, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future.

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Dr. Ievgenii Tsokalo

CEO & Co-Founder

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CTO & Co-Founder


The Efficiency Glove is the base product within the Mimetik product family. The integrated core technology allows access to all process data involving human operations through comprehensive time and motion studies. With our plug&play solution, production managers can easily balance station workloads, identify bottlenecks, and reveal optimisation potential – leading to efficiency gains of more than 20%. It is easy to set up and integrate into existing data acquisition software.


Topping up our core technology with altitude and weight sensors, the Ergonomics Glove can record and identify ergonomic positions when lifting an object. This makes it possible to tackle false posture that can cause serious and long-term health damage. By issuing tangible improvement instructions for each individual and also with regard to workplace design, this solution leads to a substantial reduction of occupational accidents and a safer and more healthy work environment.


In addition to the core technology, this Mimetik product features high-precision localization sensors. With this addon, the Quality Glove can detect an employee’s position and movement over time. This provides useful information regarding the areas covered as part of the work routine. Therefore, it is predestined for any maintenance applications and can reduce machine downtime caused by manual work by considerable 25%.


Our Mimetik digital trainer makes side-by-side training outdated. Mimetik gloves evaluate the progress and stimulate learning by heart through the development of muscle memory. The training of assembly line workers becomes more cost-efficient and faster. Even quickly changing learning contents can be digitized and updated with low effort.